Wall partition. Midtown manhattan apartment.

This multi-purpose wall partition was created at a young couple’s one bedroom apartment in midtown Manhattan.

From the front door, the long living room space lacked a design element that could create a sense of  an entrance, a visual separation between the dining room and the living space. It also lacked a focal point piece that would set the tone for the space.

The clients had spent quite a bit of time living in Asia where they collected beautiful pieces. From their collection, an antique Buddha found in Thailand was chosen as the focal statement. The columns built framing it are finished in a neutral custom color venetian plaster and feature a window made out of ribbed  plexi-glass that goes from floor to ceiling. This added a dramatic architectural element to the installation while allowing natural light to flow to the dining area.

From the living room, the installation offers a mix between form and function. The deep custom blue stained shelves showcase objects from their collection of mixed photographs, books and handsome containers.


Design :: Luis Caicedo Design.  http://www.luiscaicedo.com

Wood :: Dyke’s lumber.  http://www.dykeslumber.com

Base paint :: Pratt and Lambert.  http://www.prattandlambert.com

Venetian plaster ::  http://www.modernmastersinc.comavailable at http://www.janovic.com

Custom color stain :: http://www.janovic.com

Plexi-glass ::  http://www.canalplasticscenter.com

Buddha, pedestal and paintings. Client’s personal collection.

Black glass table. Ikea.  http://www.ikea.com/us

Containers The container Store.  http://www.containerstore.com

Photo credit :: Michael Rogers. http://www.michaelrogersonline.com


About luis caicedo design

Luis Caicedo is a Colombian self-taught designer based in New York City who designs home accessories and specializes in small spaces. Luis Caicedo’s accessories are designed in Hell’s Kitchen, produced in Colombia and combine humor and modern lines with traditional craftsmanship.
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