Going “entre las tiendas” to Ulaan Bataar…….

One of the expressions I love the most in “Colombian” – entre las tiendas – meaning taking the long route somewhere, applies perfectly to this trip on my way to Ulaan Bataar.

Impossible to rent a bike this time around, I walked and walked. I love NYC, but Downtown LA is truly stealing my heart with its old school “Manhattan” vibe and the most amazing buildings ever.

Yesterday A.M, had a private tour of the LACMA, courtesy of a dear friend of mine. The new Renzo Piano building and its 3 offerings, where amazing. The paper wigs on the fashion show are quite something.

Lunch followed by a lovely stroll thru the Japanese pavilion with old friends.

The day finished with a performance of Berlioz’ Romeo and Juliet at the Disney Hall.

I love LA and all its weird beauty, wild foliage, Pollo Loco in every corner and design there is all over the place.


About luis caicedo design

Luis Caicedo is a Colombian self-taught designer based in New York City who designs home accessories and specializes in small spaces. Luis Caicedo’s accessories are designed in Hell’s Kitchen, produced in Colombia and combine humor and modern lines with traditional craftsmanship.
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