the hotel :: Kohsamui

The building is completely hand-made and is constructed(with few needed exceptions) of natural materials found in the region and using local work force. Few elements were store bought and made of materials that resist the saltiness from the ocean.

The lines are quite simple, unassuming and based on traditional worker’s or country side dwellings found in the tropics…a “rancho de paja” as it is known in Colombia. The roof is made of dried coconut leaves put together and woven tightly. Because of the humidity and the heat, and to take much needed advantage of the breeze, most of the building is outdoors so to speak. only the bedrooms, restrooms and kitchen are enclosed.

The floors, stairs and wood structures made from recycled leftovers from other projects. Lata, a palm tree that produces a delicious fruit (and therefore an great juice) was used everywhere. Lata is a perfect renewable sustainable material that grows wildly around town. I love how it looks and we were able to create many artifacts and walls out of it.

The town is almost as primitive as it can be, taking into consideration it is the 21st century already.

The sources of its people are very limited so the dwellings are quite simple but colorfully decorated.

The idea behind the hotel was to create a simple yet sophisticated environment that blends well with its surroundings while creating the perfect space to spend time at the ocean, eat some of the best food you have ever had, or just relax and be yourself……


About luis caicedo design

Luis Caicedo is a Colombian self-taught designer based in New York City who designs home accessories and specializes in small spaces. Luis Caicedo’s accessories are designed in Hell’s Kitchen, produced in Colombia and combine humor and modern lines with traditional craftsmanship.
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