Kohsamui…..color me pink….or blue….or green….or….

By the Caribbean everything is very intense. The sounds, nature, the sea, the food and of course the colors.

People are not afraid of color, barely follow “color charts” or think too much about it….and that is awesome!

At Kohsamui, all the walls were left white to showcase the beauty of the natural woods and the “techo de paja” roof,  but signature colors were used all around to define public areas and to give each guest room its distinctive personality.

Orange. The color of enthusiasm and creativity was used in the reception desk and the stairway leading to the second floor. Great karma and good vibes upon arrival.

Yellow channels  optimism and happiness, and was used in the second floor’s main social area and in one of the  guest rooms.

Pink, the color of universal love is featured in the main suite. This is Latin or “Soacha” Pink, so the “universal love” is quite intense and works really well surrounded by white.

Green evokes nature and fertility. The perfect color choice to compliment the “lata” walls and the exotic-slices-of-wood-sconces from another suite.

In another guest room, blue, the coolest color, brings the outdoors into your space.

Neutrals, raw materials and tons of crude white and blue accents create a cozy yet relaxing environment at the KOI SPA. The perfect balance to take in the perfect views and let your worries fade away.

For XIXI, the 1st floor restaurant, all the Kohsamui colors were used. The simple and practical parsons tables and benches were made in white but the colorful cushions and lamp edge details bring the whole room together.

But of course what demands all your attention is the Caribbean and its ever changing capability of creating new hues every time you look at it.

The beaches in Cartagena are over crowded and filled with people chasing you trying to sell you some ugly crafty thing or cheap sun glasses…….none of that in here, where it is only the ocean, the sky and you…… and a delish watermelon juice!


About luis caicedo design

Luis Caicedo is a Colombian self-taught designer based in New York City who designs home accessories and specializes in small spaces. Luis Caicedo’s accessories are designed in Hell’s Kitchen, produced in Colombia and combine humor and modern lines with traditional craftsmanship.
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